Mission, Vision & Values - Ballooning Canterbury


To be the most professional and exciting hot air ballooning operation in New Zealand. A company that provides: – clear direction, a welcoming and safe environment for staff and customers, respects community and recognises the contribution of all people and partners with whom we interact. Manaakitanga: Giving New Zealand visitors an experience of true hospitality.



  1. To ensure safety is Ballooning Canterbury’s number one priority.
  2. To be a market leader in our field, driven by an enthusiastic team who love what they do and draw happiness from the joy that their actions bring to others.
  3. To set a strong core group of values to guide all aspects of the Ballooning Canterbury’s business. These include ethical business practice, sustainability, communication, excellence, and enthusiasm.
  4. To enrich the lives of everyone encountered.
  5. To build an experience where people come to discover the magic of hot air ballooning.


Ballooning Canterbury Core Values


Come together to achieve goals.

Encourage/motivate/respect one another.

Communication & honesty is key!



Team social events.

Have fun on the job – BE energy you want to attract!

Make it special for passengers, remember the first time you went ballooning.



Stand out – keep up with the ever-changing world.

Positively accept change.



Compliance is compulsory – follow procedures.

Do what is right, not what is easy.

ASK if you are unsure!



Donating your time to support locals.

Collaborate with people/organisations.

Lend a hand & make a difference.



Take care of your surroundings.

Give back to the environment.

Recycle, reuse & reduce – be green.



Provide the highest level of customer service & processes.

Persevere regardless of obstacles.

Always strive to achieve more!

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