The Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in New Zealand


Do you dream of flying? Don’t worry; we have you in our sights. Ballooning Canterbury is the safe, exciting way to go when you ride a hot air balloon in New Zealand. You are quite familiar with the sights and sounds of New Zealand. You know how gorgeous it all is, but have you ever taken the aerial perspective? Now you can ride an air balloon in New Zealand and catch the breath-taking view others are talking about. Our pilots are ready to give you a lift. We offer the latest balloon technology in the sport of hot air ballooning and fly more days than any other balloon company in New Zealand.


What Happens in a Hot Air Balloon?


As you know, hot air always rises. When air is heated, it also expands, and the space between the molecules gets larger.  Hence, the air gets lighter. When a balloon is filled with hot air, it rises. When the air begins to cool, the balloon begins its descent. You’ve probably noticed this when buying balloons for a birthday or special occasion. The balloons are in the air one minute, it seems; and the next, the balloons are drooping a bit.  Then they are on the ground.


In a hot air balloon, the heated air is lighter than surrounding air. So now that you have had a chemistry lesson let’s move on the something fun. Now you are ready to take flight. You will want to set out in the early morning hours to enjoy the sunrise, under clear conditions and just a slight wind. You will not be riding if the rain kicks up, or the breeze is too strong, but when the conditions are right, there is nothing like a hot air balloon ride in New Zealand. You can be sure that when things are ideal—any time they are ideal—Ballooning Canterbury will be in the sky.


A bird’s eye view: hot air balloon ride in New Zealand


Once you are in the air, everything below you will begin to shrink. The cars will look like bugs, the trees will resemble tiny bushes, and the buildings will look like little Lego houses. You will glide up higher than the birds can fly! If this sounds like your idea of a good time, we have the experience of a lifetime to offer you. Do you want to take a romantic getaway? Hot air balloon rides in New Zealand are the way to go.


Say goodbye to that limiting ground-view of your surroundings. See what the birds see (and what they are all squawking about)! Get up, up and away on that special occasion. These balloon rides are perfect for romantic getaway. Let the skies envelop you. With a flip of a switch, the burner is on, filling your hot air balloon in preparation for your take-off. The pilot and the ground crew have checked the equipment. The time is now. Are you ready for one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have all season? We think you are.



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We are passionate about flying. Michael Oakley is one of New Zealand’s top balloonists. He has been ballooning since 1987, he has won national ballooning events throughout New Zealand and represented New Zealand at the World Hot Air Balloon Championships in Mildrua, Australia.


Michael is also a keen glider pilot with years of experience in cross country soaring. He is the  current New Zealand gliding champion with world and New Zealand records and over 5000 hours flying.


We are passionate about Canterbury. Michael was born and raised in the area and is a 5th generation Canterbury farmer.

Michael’s experience with flying, Canterbury’s unique weather patterns and the local landscape gives him a wealth of knowledge to guide you through the elements you’re flying in, as well as providing insight into the fertile Canterbury Plains, river gorges and mountains passing below.