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We are a family owned and operated business. If you are unable to contact us please leave a message or send us an email. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Due to the early nature of ballooning please​

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                        (0508 4 22556)

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BUSNESS MOBILE: +64 (0)27 915 4972



Looking to Book a Hot Air Balloon in Christchurch? Schedule Your Hot Air Balloon Booking with New Zealand’s Best, Ballooning Canterbury


Have you ever experienced the rush that comes with soaring miles above the ground? Have you ever witnessed the incredible beauty and greenery of New Zealand while floating peacefuly over a magical landscape? Hot air balloons offer an amazing way to take in the wonders of the world. They also make great gifts and surprises!


Christchurch is the perfect area to book a hot air balloon in New Zealand. The area has so much gorgeous countryside to see and behold; it’s the perfect way to capture incredible photographs, propose to your significant other, or surprise someone with good news. If you want to see your homeland in a way you never before imagined, you’ll want to book a hot air balloon above New Zealand’s best sights.


For the highest rated and most incredible experience, book your hot air balloon in Christchurch with the professionals at Ballooning Canterbury.


Who is Ballooning Canterbury and Why Should I Organise My Hot Air Balloon Booking in New Zealand with Them?


Ballooning Canterbury is a family-owned, local balloon ride company based out of Canterbury. We’ve been serving this area with spectacular and scenic flights for the past four years with our team of dedicated and passionate pilots. Our company is fully authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand to conduct adventure rides, and all our pilots are experienced and licensed.


In fact, we’re one of only three hot air balloon companies operating out of New Zealand, but we feel confident that we can offer you the best hot air balloon ride in the country. At Ballooning Canterbury, we’re all about providing you with the best, most memorable balloon ride experience.


Additional Information about Hot Air Balloon Bookings in Methven, New Zealand


All flights last for approximately one hour, and tours can even be customised to go anywhere within the Canterbury region. So, you can set up your hot air balloon booking for Christchurch or any other nearby area you’d love to explore. Be sure to bring your camera as well, because you won’t want to miss out on any amazing photo opportunities.


After the balloon ride is over, we also provide complimentary champagne, juice, fruit, and muffins, to celebrate an amazing flight. We’ll also provide you with completely free photos of your in-flight experience and send them right to your Facebook account. You’ll get to see your experience up close and personal and relive it all over again.


To book your first hot air balloon ride, you can easily sign up on our website. Want to book for a group of people? No problem! We love flying with big groups.


If you have any queries or questions about the balloon ride, feel free to give us a call at 0508 42 25 56, otherwise, book your first hot air experience today!



We are passionate about flying. Michael Oakley is one of New Zealand’s top balloonists. He has been ballooning since 1987, he has won national ballooning events throughout New Zealand and represented New Zealand at the World Hot Air Balloon Championships in Mildrua, Australia.


Michael is also a keen glider pilot with years of experience in cross country soaring. He is the  current New Zealand gliding champion with world and New Zealand records and over 5000 hours flying.


We are passionate about Canterbury. Michael was born and raised in the area and is a 5th generation Canterbury farmer.

Michael’s experience with flying, Canterbury’s unique weather patterns and the local landscape gives him a wealth of knowledge to guide you through the elements you’re flying in, as well as providing insight into the fertile Canterbury Plains, river gorges and mountains passing below.