An early start: Ballooning is best a sunrise, when the weather is calmest and to make the most of the beautiful morning light. Start times vary depending on the time of year. 


We operate all year round and flights are subject to weather.

You need to allow 4-5 hours for the whole experience, from the time of leaving your accommodation to your return. The actual flight time is approximately one hour. 


For visitors who do not have their own transport and are staying at central hotels/motels in Christchurch we can provide courtesy transfers. Please note that due to our location and the early nature of ballooning we do not pick up from the whole of Christchurch.  If you require a transfer please let us know where you will be staying so we can confirm if we do pick up from there. 


Due to our flights being weather dependant we need to be able to contact you the evening prior to the flight to confirm if it is operating and to arrange the meeting time and place. Please provide contact information at time of booking.


You need to wear warm clothes and sensible footwear. There can be a heavy due in the mornings and the paddocks we land in can be quite damp. (Do not wear open toe shoes, high heels or scarves).

The pilot will give you a safety briefing before your flight. It is important that you listen carefully and follow your pilot’s instructions. 


It is a hands on experience. Passengers are actively encouraged to help the pilot and crew with the pre-flight inflation and the packing up of the balloon at the conclusion of the flight. The pilot will give you instructions on how to help.


There will be spectacular views and fantastic photo opportunities - don't forget to bring your camera.

Most pilots try to perform as smooth a landing as possible. Most of the time the balloon will land upright but sometimes the wind at ground level may have slightly increased from when you took off. If this happens the balloon, when it lands, may drag for a wee bit and may even tip onto its side. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about. The pilot will brief you of your landing position before takeoff.


 At the end of  the flight we serve a light snack of chilled champagne, orange juice, seasonal fruit and muffins in the paddock where we land.


In-flight photos of your balloon flight are given to you for free by way of Facebook.